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Forever & Always

Forge your love in the fires of our bespoke atelier. Craft a ring befitting your love story. A ring that can withstand the ups and downs, and stand the test of time

Crafting Process

Skilled. Artistic. Professional.

Crafting an engagement ring is a journey of love and creativity.

It begins with the selection of a main focal stone. The centerpiece serves as a symbol of the your love for each other. Select a diamond or gemstone which best represents your story.

Once the main stone has been chosen, place it on a setting which showcases its brilliance and beauty. It could be a classic solitaire, a glamorous halo, a lotus, or a unique custom design. The setting should reflect your personal style and taste.

Our skilled jewellery makers will sketch the design and bring your vision to life. Once the sketch is complete, a 3D rendering will be sent for your confirmation.

Finally, the ring is forged in the fires of our atelier.

Ring Designs

Please make an appointment to see and try on our full range of custom rings. The following are examples of rings crafted at Cœur.

Indicative Prices

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